Great Picnic Ideas and Tips

It is finally that time of year again, where picnic’s and barbecues become almost the norm, and those hot summer days are spent being lazy and feeling young again. Why not create some special memories with your children and go on a picnic?

Here are some tips for what might be helpful to pack along on your picnic.

Basket and Food – Whether you bring an actual basket, or a cooler or tote instead, it is imperative that the food be brought it something that can keep it safe from the heat. A cooler is your best option because it will stay cold longest. Use those frozen blue packs instead of ice cubes because they stay colder longer (and they are a frugal option in that they are reusable!) – More on picnic food suggestions, tomorrow.

Plastic Wrap, Bags or Tin Foil – Remember to bring some method, whatever works for you – to clean up and transport any uneaten food back home. Honestly baggies are easiest, but not all foods can go into these. If you have plastic storage containers, you can bring the foods in these and replace the lids after use.

Blanket – Blanket, Towel, Sleeping bag – WHATEVER. But you will find it much more relaxing and comfortable to have a blanket to sit on. We keep a large quilt in our trunk year round because we never know when we will use it, and trust me – we have!

Protection – In the form of sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and bug spray. This will help make your day much more enjoyable. Remember to apply sunscreen again after about two hours.

Paper Towels and a trash bag – This makes clean up quick and easy. Most parks and other picnic areas have trash cans, but keep in mind that they don’t all have them. Don’t litter.

Games and Toys Bring a ball, baseball and glove, frisbee, jump rope, cricket set or other fun items to play with outside. A kite is a pretty fun picnic activity.

First aid kit or bandaids – Why some people with children leave home and do things like this without carrying bandaids and first aid ointment, I haven’t a clue. Trust me, if you have it with you Murphy’s Law ensures everyone will be fine and you won’t use it. However, if you don’t bring it? Yep, you guessed it – someone’s gonna need it!

Camera – This is obviously not a needed item, but what fun is a picnic without snapping some photos. Take tons of photos and create memories to last a lifetime.

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