Great Gift Idea – Tips for Making Gift Baskets

gift_boxThinking about creating some gift baskets for gift giving this year? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

First, I always tell people who are interested in giving gift baskets as gifts to check out the dollar store. No, don’t fill it up with “junk” but they sell popcorn packets and you could add 1 or 2 to several gift baskets, candy, snacks too. I always recommend trying there first. You’d be surprised at what you can find when paired with other items, makes the perfect gift.

Second – be creative with “packaging”. Don’t just choose a basket. Decorate it and make it special. Weave ribbon through it, or attach a bow, or embellish in another way. Another idea, is to use an “odd object” that might not otherwise “house such items” – a Boot, a bucket, a paint can, a tote bag, purse, mug, stocking, Rubber maid tote or bin, watering can, coffee can, a hat box, canister, sleigh, a desk caddy or whatever other idea you can think of.

Third – I tried to include something for “everyone”. I really hope it helps or at least gets you thinking. Hope that helps :)

  • Popcorn Basket – For the person who loves popcorn – fill with gourmet popcorn, popcorn seasonings and popping cobs, snacks and some drinks.
  • Couch Potato Basket – Snacks, TV guide, TV magazine (E! Entertainment or something along those lines).
  • BBQ Lovers – Fill with iced tea, salsa and brushetta seasoning, BBQ seasoning package, coffee, iced cappuccino, and more. Perfect for summer entertaining.
  • Sweetheart Basket – For the one you love or the person who loves hearts – fill with hearts – candles, soaps, painted wood, and more. May be packed in a heart votive candle box.
  • Soap Basket – fill with a variety of our wonderful handmade soaps and fizzing bath rocks.
  • Candle Basket – For the candle lover – fill with a variety of candles and candle holders.
  • Teddy Bear Basket – Do you know someone who loves/collects teddy bears? – fill with a variety of products including items with teddy bears, chocolate, and a stuffed bear friend or gift certificate to make their own bear.
  • Angel Basket – Do you know someone who loves angels? – fill with a variety of ‘angel’ items; could include candles, sachets, wooden, or wire items.
  • Gourmet Drink Basket – Filled with a selection of our gourmet coffee, tea, hot chocolate and iced tea.
  • Gourmet Treat Basket – Filled with a selection of our gourmet food items. Will include a variety of drinks, soup, seasonings, or popcorn.
  • Debbie Mumm Basket – Filled with a variety of Debbie Mumm products; could include candles, address books, pocket mirrors, scented sachets, notepads, or notecards.
  • Mary Engelbreit Basket –
  • Primitive Basket – For people who love primitive folkart – filled with painted wood items, wire items, and grubby candles.
  • Vanilla, Apple, or Berry Scent Basket – filled with items in your chosen scent – potpourri, candles, aromatic crystals, fizzing bath rocks, soaps, and more.
  • Kitchen/Baking Basket – Filled with ‘kitchen’ items like hotpads and baking scents such as gingerbread, apple pie, or cinnamon. May include a recipe book.
  • Apple Basket – For the apple lover – painted wood apples, apple scented items, and wire apples.
  • Christmas – Filled with christmas decorations and scents.
  • Rubber Stamping – Stamps, things to stamp on, ink pads – pick a theme or send a variety.
  • Scrapbooking – stickers, die cuts, papers, albums, how-to’s – pick a theme or send a variety (not packed in a basket so items don’t get damaged!).
  • Needlepoint –
  • Crochet –
    Variety – Filled with a mix of items.

Obviously there are a lot more ideas floating around. If you have one, feel free to share in the comment field! :) Thanks!

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