Got that credit card?

USE IT! If you have a Gas Credit Card use it!
Gas rebate credit cards are lucrative now, but read the fine print. You can research cards on There are station-specific rebate cards, general rebate cards and grocery store rebate cards that give rebates ranging from 2 percent to 10 percent on gas. Read the fine print. Lucrative rebates of 5 percent to 10 percent on gas may only apply under certain terms. Know the rules to play your card right for the biggest savings. Some things to consider:
• Are there spending limits for the high gas rebate? For example (in the case of one gas rebate card), once annual card spending reaches $3,000 per year, then the gas rebate goes down from 5 percent to 1 percent. The trick: Only put your gas spending on this card to maintain the high gas rebate.

• Is there a limited time period for the high rebate and/or low interest rate?
• Is the high gas rebate available at all fuel centers or only selected stations?
• If you expect to carry a balance on the card, is the interest rate competitive with other options?

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