Gift Basket Ideas & Survival Kit Ideas

We are beginning our unofficial “Countdown To Christmas” today – (this article was not TRULY posted on this date, but we had some “blogger issues” and are going back to add the articles already written!)

Today’s post actually begins with a download. Last year I wrote an ebook (and yes required payment) and filled it with WONDERFUL gift basket Ideas and survival kit Ideas. I figure with Christmas right around the corner, who couldn’t use some Gift Basket Ideas to help think of the perfect gift for everyone on your list. I have used some of these very ideas as not only gift sparks but my own gift basket ideas. I love them and they really get you thinking of some fun, inovative, and creative gifts. Some people are just plain hard to buy for, but with the Gift Basket Ideas and Survival Kit Ideas you are sure to find something for EVERYONE on your list! And if not, MAKE A KIT or BASKET!
Here is a list of the contents:
The Sections you will find:
· Gift Baskets
· Gift Basket Container and Fillers
· Build Your Own Survival Kits
· Survival Kits for Everyone
· Bags of “Poop”
· Just for Fun Gifts
· Candy-Grams

I suggest right-clicking and hit “save as” to download it faster.
Gift Basket Ideas & Survival Kit Ideas
This download requires Adobe Acrobat – Get it

I have linked it here for FREE. If you like it, all I ask is that you consider donating $1.25 for the bandwith it cost to host the ebook. It is NOT required, but we are all on a frugal budget, and this would help out. If the bandwith get’s to be too much, I will have to remove it. You can send it to me via paypal:

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