Gas Saving Tips

gasThe price of gasoline seems to run a lot like the tracks of a roller coaster. Up one week, down the next, and there really doesn’t seem to be a way around it. However, there are several things you can do to save money on your gasoline to make life a little easier and to break the bank a little less. Obviously with the need for transportation being so great, it is a continued effort to cut costs and save money on whatever we can. Try these ideas.

  • Check out prices in your area, start taking notice of the gas stations around you and scope out the best prices. Often the lowest prices are at the most unexpected places. Use or another website to help you find the best deal in your area.
  • Check out gas station sales and marketing techniques. Many gas stations will have incentives to get you to buy from them. Often you can earn free gallons of gas or get a discount if you pay cash or spend so much money or buy so many gallons. Shop around and take advantage of these deals.
  • Highway driving can be a good thing. The stop and go of driving in town, really tends to eat up the gas. However, to extend the miles your car gets on a tank of gas, try to do as much driving as you can on the highway. Also, keep your speed below 65. Anything over, truly burns up your gas!
  • Purchase your gas throughout the week. A Tuesday or a Wednesday are both great days to fill up. The cost of gasoline often goes up for the weekend and for holiday’s so plan accordingly and you can save quite a bit.
  • Combine all of your errands as much as you can. Map out the quickest route to do the most of what you  need to accomplish. this will help cut gas when you aren’t making unnecessary trips.
  • Carpool with friends and neighbors. Whether its for school or work, it will help save gas. You might also offer to a neighbor that you could do grocery shopping at the same time or some other errand and you drive one week, they drive the other. If all else fails, take public transportation. Be sure and compare the long term cost of bus tickets or passes to make sure you are getting the better deal.
  • Walk when you can. We are blessed to have several gas stations and two grocery stores, all within walking distance. Of course when we move out to the country, that won’t be the case. If you can walk to arrive somewhere, do it – or ride your bike. It saves gas and its great exercise.
  • Maintain your car. Keeping your oil changed on a schedule, rotating your tires when it is needed and getting your wheel aligned are all ways to keep the gas costs down and your car running smoothly. A healthy car won’t eat as much gas allowing you to stretch your tank further.

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