Frugal Living Is a State Of Mind

To be a true frugal gal (or guy), it has to become a part of who you are. Not everyone is cut out for frugal living, and not everyone cares.
But if you do, you should be making it part of your lifestyle, a part of who you are.

There are dozens of ways to incorporate frugal living into your everyday life. It goes beyond cutting coupons and preparing food from scratch, and goes further into learning how to pay less for services you use continuously and organizing your household to keep things in order.

It’s knowing when to shop for the best deals, where to shop at particular times, and how to know the difference between spending money to save money, and spending money just to spend it.

Sometimes I think frugality is born inside of you. You just have to know where to reach down and pull it all the way out.

What are your thoughts?

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