Freezer Cooking and Other Frugal Cooking Tips

I’d like to focus on the most valuable tool I’ve found for my grocery budget!

This is something that took me almost a year to master and perfect to work for me and my family.

A lot of trial and error and several different recipes, some of which wound up becoming favorites, and some that we hope we never see again! LOL

This whole tool gave me my nickname “Freezer Queen”, and despite what you think, it is not because I am frigid!

What is this magic tool that seems to have made life a bit more easy?

It’s called FREEZER cooking. I teach a WHOLE class on it with my home business.

But I am going to recommend to you that you visit my site: and learn more about it by reading my articles (there are tons of recipes on there too!), or that you go ahead and “google it”. You will find recipes, storage ideas, and more!

Read about it, Master it, Live it!

It saved me in a 4 month period (because that’s how long I actually kept track of it) over $400!!

And I kid you not, these savings are obvious in our budget every month!

So today’s tip is to LEARN ABOUT FREEZER COOKING! It’s the best there is!

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