Freelance Writing is NOT an easy job!

One of the things that annoys me most when I am out perusing article websites, blogs and just writing sites in general, is the serious lack of skills from the different writers. I am blessed to have an editor that I work closely with at both of my full time writing jobs, however thankfully I don’t need them to constantly be coming back to me with edits and changes. Why? Because I do my best work all of the time.

I’m not talking about the occasional typo, mis-spelled word or run-on sentence. Yes, I am notorious for those as well, but mostly on blogs, definitely not in articles. However, apparently there is someone going around and telling someone that this is okay. Huh?

I stumbled upon a page the other day where this stupid guy is saying he makes some six figure income and he doesn’t even know how to write (which btw is quite apparent when you read the actual page). The frustrating part is, that it stayed with me. I have thought about that page and what I read several times since reading it.

Tonight I happened upon a blog Breakfast at Tiffany’s and she had a post up called Writing is Less Important which definitely caught my attention. When I finished reading it, I wasn’t the least bit surprised at her reaction. In fact, I’m pretty sure that Tiffany read the exact same thing I did a few days ago. Go visit her blog entry and you’ll understand. She really pulled the whole thing apart.

Tiffany I am in agreement with you. It is so frustrating and infuriating to have someone telling other writers that they don’t have to be good at what they do. Mhmm… And that is why the skills at these article sites lack terribly. Aha.


Don’t assume that freelance writing is the way to make a six figure income. While I will not deny it is not a possibility. It definitely is. But it takes an awful lot of work to get there. And against contrary belief, you do have to know how to write well.

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