Free Writing

Most writer’s know, that it is an important part of the writing process, to free write for fifteen minutes a day. The rules are usually simple, you never stop writing, no matter what, even if you draw a blank, you type “I’m drawing a blank”. And you are not to worry about grammar issues, spelling mistakes or any other writing related mishaps.

I enjoy my fifteen minutes of free writing each day, and most days, go well over the time I have alloted. Usually it is because I get on a roll and I don’t want to stop. My thought process might have finally hit a point of creativity and why stop when you can take it beyond where you were originally going? Because of this, I have a pretty impressive short story, essays, poems and articles collection.

Some writer’s choose to write in their blogs for their fifteen minutes, and on days when I have an assignment due, I tend to do that too. It works, and can often get your mind working for your day of writing.

However, having hard copies of short stories and essays, can mean the difference between starting something from scratch, or just using what you have and modifying it to work with whatever assignment you have. Although blog writing is a great release, it shouldn’t really replace that fifteen minutes of writing.

The writing process requires us to use our imagination and creativity. Although these can balance out on a blog post, they are better served in pieces that might someday turn to something lucrative.

If you haven’t done your fifteen minutes of writing today. Do it now. Think of something strange that has happened to you, something that might be unbelievable in a short story or novel, and write about it. Try to make it believable. If you get stuck, take the story in a different direction. If you are having a lot of trouble, set the piece aside, and come back another day. But no matter what, just write and have fun.

You never know what you’ll wind up with.

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