Food Media Forum is Coming to St. Louis

Food Media Forum

I am so excited. A week from now I will be sitting at Food Media Forum learning all about food blogging, food photography, recipe development and so much more. The countdown for me started 2 months ago as I started hearing the buzz about this great Food Blogging Forum coming to St. Louis. Finally, something close by that wouldn’t require me to fork over my life savings for tickets, hotel and airfare. I can sleep in the comfort of my own bed the entire weekend, the traveling is only about a half hour and the tickets were ridiculously inexpensive for a 2 day convention over the price of others I see. I am SO excited! Oh, did I say that already?

I purchased my tickets less than a month ago when I found out 100% I could make it. That weekend is the same weekend two of my daughters are getting home from a program at Truman State University and I won’t lie – come 2:00 on Saturday afternoon, I’m pretty sure I will be getting a little antsy and wondering if they are home  yet. My husband and oldest daughter are going alone to pick them up. My other two will be at a fife & drum event. It really was the perfect weekend, everyone had something to do and finally so does mom.

The weekend looks to be amazing. 

Dianne Jacob will be there. She is the author of Will Write for Food: The Complete Guide to Writing Cookbooks, Blogs, Reviews, Memoir, and MoreI read that book earlier in the year and loved it. I cannot believe she’ll be there to share her expertise, tips and knowledge to help us all become better food writers.

Cheryl Sousan will be there too. You might not know her by that name though, you probably know her more as TidyMom. I’m only slightly obsessed with Cheryl. I love her blog, I love her writing style, her photography is to die for and she is just wonderful. I’m super excited to meet her in person.

Jonathan Gayman will be there. He is a photographer based in St. Louis with a focus on commercial, editorial, and food photography. He is a regular contributor to Sauce and Feast magazines, which are local St. Louis food publications. I’m really hoping these professionals will teach me a thing or two about how to use my very expensive camera that I’m still learning to use.

There are several more big-name photographers, editors, publishers, bloggers, etc. that will be joining us that day and I just cannot wait to tap into their knowledge and advice.

The entire day Saturday will be spent working on Food Writing, Getting a cookbook published, recipe development and engaging your reader. So the blogging/writing aspect of what we all do. I need some help on this front, so I am excited about this. The second day focuses on food photography with some SEO, Marketing and Branding and Food Writing Ethics thrown in for good measure. This day will probably be my favorite simply because there is so much to learn.

Have you bought your tickets yet? Food Media Forum.

Go get them now! It’s next weekend (July 28 & 29) and they are almost sold out!

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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing Nicole. I’ve yet to attend a food blogger conference, but I look forward to my first one. I live in the Washington, D.C. area, so it’s only a matter of time until a conference comes my way (I’m guessing). I hope we’ll hear all about the one you’re attending when you get back!

    Have a great time,


  2. Kris Adair says

    I would love to go but I am on vacation. Plus I am just now learning about it. Maybe next year? How did I not know you were around St. Louis? We visit often as my BIL is a prof at WashU.

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