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foodsearchIt has always bugged me that I couldn’t just search for blogs somewhere. In fact, I realize you can use google, and I can even type in ‘Food Blogs’ but it still doesn’t give you anything near what is out there. Not to mention, I never see any of my foodie friends blogs listed.

So I decided to create a Google Customized Search Engine (CSE) specifically for food blogs. Let me just say, that I am aware there is another one running around the blogosphere. In fact, I used to have it on my blog. It was all fancy, schmancy and pretty and all. However, it is not updated anymore and has not been in a long time, I constantly get the same 5 blogs when I search for just about any recipe, and there is not a single food blog for any of my super awesome foodies I hang out with.  Not to mention that they have a few huge sites in there too  which are NOT blogs, making it NOT a food blog search engine. Just sayin’. Mine is different.

What you will find with the Food Blog Recipe Search: Food Bloggers like you and me. You can search for specific recipes, you can even type in a  food blog name and see if its listed in the search results. But the only results that are going to crop up are exclusively from Food Blogs. Thousands of them. At this point, I have about 1000 of them already in there, but I have a ridiculous list of about 4ooo+ more to add. They have to be added individually so I’ve been at this nearly all day, and it’s time to take a break for a bit.

Note to my personal foodie friends: If you participate in Secret Recipe Club, Crazy Cooking Challenge or you are in a food tribe with me, you can ensure that your food related blog has been entered into the database.

Let me also state, there was criteria I looked for on each and every single blog that I have listed already. Yes, that’s right. I have visited every single blog in this database and checked it out myself.

With the exception of the rare few, each blog needed to:

  • be updated within the past 2 weeks with a recipe.
  • contain more than 50 recipes across the blog.
  • be more than 90 days old.

That’s it. That’s all she wrote. I will be updating this a lot in the coming weeks and you can start using it immediately. Do you see it over there on the right? I will be creating a way for you to put in on your site if you’d like as well. That option should be available Monday  or so.

So go give it a try. Search for cookies or stir fry. Whatever you’re craving. I bet there’s a bunch of diff. recipes in there. Enjoy! And please let me know what you think!

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  1. says

    Why are you so stinkin awesome? I typed in “cookies” and saw “the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe.”

    Yes, I will be making them and saving some of the dough to eat too. Ha :)

    • says

      LOL Why are YOU so stinkin’ awesome. I adore you girl, and I barely know you – but I think you’re hilarious and sweet and bad ass when you have to be, and that my friend is totally award winning in my book. 😉 xoxox

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