Facebook Blocking

So apparently it is a huge no-no on Facebook to add a large number of people to your facebook account all at once.

I signed on earlier tonight and was surprised to see that I had been “blocked” from adding people, etc. According to Facebook, they had sent me notifications about it, but trust me – they didn’t. Earlier, I added a whole email list of people that are on my twitter account. In between that, I also added the suggested friends and there didn’t seem to be any problems. So anyway, apparently I am on some sort of a block because now I can’t add anyone to my facebook page. SO if you would like to follow me, and get recipes that I don’t post on my blog – add me. The stuff is over on the left and you can click either of them. One is simply a page that you can “Like” in typical Facebook fashion, and the other is my actual Daily Dish recipes page on Facebook. You can add me as a friend.

I’m laughing because seriously, my friend list is only 384 people right now. Have they checked out others Facebook pages? Because many of my “friends” on Facebook have several thousand. Why aren’t they blocked from adding people?

I think I was reminded tonight why I love Twitter SO much more. The problem is, I love that on Facebook I can add a whole recipe that I don’t post on my blog – which is VERY hard to do on Twitter since I only get 140 characters. Ah, Facebook. I really wish you would get your act together. First all the layout changes, then the privacy issues, and now blocking issues. Seriously. Does it get any better?

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