An Extra Refrigerator

stockpiling refrigeratorIt’s been a super long time since I have had a secondary refrigerator. We have a deep freezer in the basement that is huge and holds a lot and I love it. I usually have it filled with meals I have prepared in a big freezer cooking session. Of course that means there isn’t that much room for stock piling frozen items, and when there is, we can’t fit common, everyday things in there, like tubs of ice cream, etc. Plus, I can never stock pile things like cheese and sour cream that I might need for a weeks worth of meals, because there isn’t enough room in my fridge. I also hate that the kids drink warm soda and juice (their decision, not mine) because they know there isn’t enough room in the fridge to put the big pitchers. (5 kids = a pitcher a day). Not to mention countless water bottles, etc.

Well, my mom and dad decided to get a new refrigerator and asked me if I wanted theirs for our garage. With five kids, that was an easy answer, and by easy answer, I mean that I was practically jumping for joy at the prospect of being able to use it!

inside refrigerator stock piling

So it arrived last night, thanks to my nephew and a friend who brought it over in a trailer with a huge refrigerator dolly he borrowed from work. They were so great with it, and it looks so nice in our otherwise crowded garage.

We aren’t actually using it yet (shopping trip in the near future!), but I know it will fill up fast. Actually, we put a big jar of salsa in there that was taking up too much room in our kitchen fridge and some water. Now our fridge in the house will hold  more leftovers. LOL

Do you have an extra fridge? Does it help with stockpiling at all? Do you use it for anything more than just soda and drinks? I’m positive we will, but I know just the ease of being able to throw some soda in there will be a huge plus.

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