Eating Crow About Freelance Writing at Associated Content

I guess I am at a open mouth, insert foot spot. In fact, I am eating my own words from several weeks back. After this post, I wound up checking Associated Content out even further.

I was still wondering how it was going to benefit me at all, since I already had a pretty steady writing gig plus several freelance things.

However, I decided to write some articles for a content call they had. I felt the call was an easy one to do and didn’t require a ton of research to complete.

Well, guess what? Every one of them (five total) got accepted for publication at their given rate. That was some serious pocket money I needed for the holidays.

So for anyone who I offended by comparing AC and CC I now totally understand how different the two sites are. It is true that Constant Content pays better if you set your articles high, but the waiting game is excruciating. It can be weeks or even months before you get a nibble. Wherease with Associated Content you usually get an offer within a few days. There is simply nothing better than seeing “Offer from Associated Content” in your email box!

At any rate, I now to date have FIVE articles published with AC – and two of those came today! YAY!

I have three in que to go, but several I still need to get up and posted so I can be in agony over the wait to see if they make an offer and it’s not low-balled by the ridiculous CM (Content Manager) who constantly offers everyone $4 for any and all articles he makes an offer ON!

Talk to you all soon! Hey and go sign up for Associated Content. In fact, click on this link so I at least get credit for referring you! Please?!?!

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