#ad Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas with Tyson Day Starts #StartWithTyson #shop

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#ad Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas with Tyson Day Starts #StartWithTyson #shop

Life is so busy for us. Five teenagers, all running different directions. A stressed and frazzled mom trying to get them all organized and to wherever they need to go on time. And I want them to eat a healthy breakfast but with such limited time, there aren’t a lot of options.

My daughter and I decided to head to Walmart and see what we could find to encourage everyone to eat breakfast in a limited amount of time without reaching for the wrong thing.  We discovered Tyson Day Starts, and we were b0th pretty excited to try them out. We found them in the frozen breakfast aisle, and there were just so many to choose from.

#ad Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas with Tyson Day Starts #StartWithTyson #shop

#ad Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas with Tyson Day Starts #StartWithTyson #shop

We picked out five packages and couldn’t wait to try them out the next morning. It was so easy! Each teen picked what they wanted, and took turns heating them in the microwave while I brewed the coffee and sliced strawberries, watermelon and bananas for them to have with it. They heated fast and were ready to eat just seconds later.

#ad Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas with Tyson Day Starts #StartWithTyson #shop

 Easy Healthy Breakfast

Made with quality, real ingredients, Day Starts have 24%  or more of your daily protein requirement. This is a big deal to me, because teenagers are hungry and they need a meal to last when they are off to work or school, with all that protein, we noticed immediately how much more energy they had and it lasted much, much longer. Since we brought home 5 boxes, every single one of them got opened within a 24 hour period so that they could all be tried, and the teens just loved them. Such an easy healthy breakfast idea.

On the Go

The other fantastic thing about Tyson Day Starts is how easy they are to heat and go. Grab a tumbler of coffee, a paper towel wraps nicely around any of the items. Even the flatbread can be folded in half and taken with you on the go. Loved that, because we are in a rush most of the time so that’s a huge perk.
#ad Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas with Tyson Day Starts #StartWithTyson #shop

What tips do you have for making the morning rush a little easier and for choosing an easy healthy breakfast?

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