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You will find the most clothing coupon offers at coupon code sites for online shopping. Check free shipping offers to save on clothes when ordering online. Be sure to enter the coupon code in the box on the checkout page when you shop online.
You can do this by using google, and the phrase “coupon code” and whatever store you’re wanting to purchase from. Sometimes you will find them, and other times, no luck. Just keep trying!

You can also call or visit the store and ask a salesperson if they have coupons available and how they are distributed. They know all the tricks and will often tell you everything they know.
Ask if they have an in-store mailing list and sign up. This is a good way to get coupons, particularly for local and regional stores.
Visit the Web sites of your favorite stores and sign up for their e-mail newsletters. They will let you know as soon as sales begin and will probably send out coupons. Some stores like will let you print a 20-percent-off coupon as soon as you sign up for the e-mail newsletter. (I know this is horrible, but just use a “junk email” account – you know – that free yahoo account you use for other “junk”! LOL)
Sign up for any preferred member programs offered by your stores, which may provide special coupons on your birthday, free gifts or benefits like free shipping for online orders.
Order free catalogs for the store. These can be a great source of coupons.
If you have the store’s credit card, make sure you take advantage of special benefits available — like rewards programs, extra coupons, free shipping and birthday coupons.

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