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How cute is this?So I totally suck. After having the puppies, I apparently dropped off the planet. I didn’t mean to, but between caring for mama and puppies, five kids and getting ready for Christmas (plus a house guest immediately following Christmas), I did not update my blog this week. Sorry!!

Puppy News: Puppies are doing great. They are 1 week old today, and I will post pictures in a little bit, but if you want to see what they looked like at birth, check out the previous post. Mama is doing well too, and just over the past 48 hours has begun to want to be a bigger part of the family and come out for short intervals to play with the other dogs and kids. This makes me smile, because she is so different with her puppies this time. Very maternal, and I’m proud of her. Oh, and that puppy over there on the right? Not ours… but I would so do this to my puppies LOL That is so freakin’ cute! They aren’t big enough though. :(

Christmas News: I am finally finished shopping for my family. I have nothing left to buy for kids and hubby and this makes me smile. We decided to try a “secret santa” exchange between the kids instead of having them all buy stupid stuff for each other, and instead buy one really nice gift for one kid. I am proud of what they bought for their special person. I think this will definitely become a tradition.

Christmas Traditions: Our final Santa parade of 2010 was Sunday, and it was so bittersweet. We had an amazing time this holiday season and reminded us about what the season is about. It gave me little time for shopping but I think that was a good thing. We were so devoted to main street St. Charles every weekend. We have one last event for Christmas Traditions taking place the day after Christmas, but it is a silly and fun day, no parades and not as formal as the others. I will miss it.

Flash Mob: My girls & I joined a St. Louis Flash Mob, and have had a BLAST participating in everything. Unfortunately this past weekend was also the last one of the season, so our weekend was filled with bitter sweetness but we have the most amazing memories for Christmas 2010. LOVE IT! We’ll be mobbing again after the new year with a whole new song and dance. 😀

MFA: I have decided to try and go back to school to earn my MFA (Masters of Fine Arts ) in Creative Writing. However, can I just say that finding programs is DIFFICULT to say the very least. Plus, I have two to choose from in my area (that have cropped up in just the past couple of years) but both are very limited in how many students they take. A total of 12 – 6 for poetry, 6 for fiction. I’m of course going for fiction. (would also like to check out the non-fiction area too). More on this later in another post, because through my research I learned a lot about the programs, and wish to share both my excitement and my frustrations. ha!

So that’s about it for now – will post those puppy pics in a little bit, but for now – you can just “awwwww” at the pics from last week.

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    Congrats on going back to school, that’s excellent! Your holiday sounds like it has been really fun so far. Congrats on finishing your shopping ahead of time too!

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    Congrats on going back to school, that’s excellent! Your holiday sounds like it has been really fun so far. Congrats on finishing your shopping ahead of time too!

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