I am baring my soul here. This poem was written during a particularly dark period of my life….be gentle.

Trapped in a darkened place,
quietly yearning for the desperation to release.
Blackness surrounds and yet…somewhere….light.
Grasping slowly as to unveil the truth behind the darkness..
Moving in shadows to complete the maze before me…
Unraveling the secrets of the life I live.
Fumbling I feel the walls that enclose me within…
Trying harder I begin to focus on the light, stumbling forward.
Finding still only darkness.
Black, smoky darkness.
Again, reaching out to find a hidden world….
Entering slowly, crossing into a dimly lit space.
Slowly I turn absorbing each aspect of this new found place.
Closer, only inches….the light is there.
I move forward to embrace the light ….
still I find only smoke.
Desperately chasing the smoke away.
I cling to the hope of the light ….
Of finding what I need……
And as the smoke begins to clear….
I see her….she stands before me.
A Shining Light.
Embodying everything.
The desperation dissolves and is replaced
by an envelope of warmth and love….
And so she stands for everything I have desired…
and never will she question the significance of her presence.
She stands. Waiting.
And I finally feel loved.

Copyright © 2000 Imagination Station
Copyright © 2000 Scribbles ‘N Scraps

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