Cute Christmas Gift Idea for a Little Girl

Front of Handmade Purse

Front of Handmade Purse

I just love the holidays, but boy I’ll tell you – all that gift buying wears you out and drains your accounts! I’m all about making things myself, and giving gifts from the heart.

I made this super cute purse for my daughter when she was much younger. I believe when she was about six or seven. She used it for a couple of years and loved it. These photos were taken before we added some ribbon embellishments and a little “bling” gems. However, it gives you a good idea of how easy it is.

I purchased the little denim purse at Michael’s for around $5 and then just decorated it to match her personality. Obviously you could change it to fit your little girl.

Back of Handmade Purse

Back of Handmade Purse

After a neighbor saw it, I wound up making one for her daughter too. They are super easy to make, and are a great gift idea. And besides, what little girl doesn’t love carrying a purse around?

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