Culinary Bucket List 2013

I did this last year and didn’t quite make everything on my list. And in fact, spent a great deal of the year adding things rather than crossing them off. I tend to lean on variations of things I already make, rather than pushing forward and crossing things off. But this year that will all change. I’m giving my Culinary Bucket List a 2nd try and seeing if I can’t actually get some of these things made and tried.

I am always open to new ideas and new recipes to try, so never worry about making suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Oh, and I pulled a few in from last year’s bucket list (some I’ve made but haven’t posted and some I never even tried) – I will get them made this year! I also added a few I’d like to make again… only different.

Oh, and I will be adding to this throughout the year. Expect it. ;)

* = made before but want to make again for blog or other reason


  1. French Onion Soup
  2. Hollondaise Sauce
  3. English Muffins
  4. Buttermik Biscuits
  5. *Homemade Bagels
  6. Hand-Made Steamed Dumplings
  7. Taco Shells
  8. *Eggs Benedict
  9. Gnocci
  10. Paella
  11. *Popovers


  1. Macarons
  2. *Cinnamon Rolls – Semi Homemade Mini Cinnabons (from scratch ones coming soon!)
  3. Toffee
  4. *Caramel (we’ve made this a few times but I have yet to blog it)
  5. Graham Crackers
  6. Monkey Bread (right? How have I never made this?)
  7. Ice Cream Cones
  8. Nougat
  9. Ombre Cake
  10. *Canned Jelly – Blood Orange Marmalade and Watermelon Jelly
  11. Beignets
  12. Pain au Chocolate
  13. Candied Citrus Peel
  14. Marshmallows
  15. Fortune Cookies
  16. Biscotti
  17. Granola Bars
  18. *Meringues (yes we’ve made them before, but I want to try some new flavors)


In addition to these items, I plan to participate in the A-Z challenge again and I’m blogging the 50 states foods. Find out more here.