Credit Demons….not so bad!

Ok, I read about this lady, who applies for all the store credit cards when they are having % off sales. Then she only uses the credit card on special days and weekends when there are specials for the store credit card holders. Now, I have a credit card to a store I *LOVE* – Kohls. I only use it occasionally, and much like her, I usually use it when they are having special sales. This works well. I am not about to tell you to run out and apply for every credit card out there, unless you have the ability to keep from maxing them out. It’s a nice concept, but not many people have the will-power to avoid using them that often. If you do use them, try to pay them off as QUICKLY as possible, because your savings aren’t that great if you have all that interest!
Really look into that though BEFORE you do it!

I’m adding another tip because I’m so unsure of that one. Now, we all need play clothes for our kids. Something they can run around in and get dirty and we won’t care nearly as much. Well, Target, Kmart and Wal-mart ALWAYS have a section towards the outside that has shirts and shorts or pants (depending on the season) for around $3.99. For me, the price is right! I also do NOT pay those $10-$20 prices for PJ’s – my kids love to sleep in T-shirts and in the cold months, we switch to sweat pants and a sweat shirt. This is two-fold, because they double as CLOTHES as well. So they can wear them out too. Last week I purchased a set for my daughter that totaled $7.99 – not bad for a pair of pj’s that she can wear out too! I do however, splurge at Christmas. Often times I will get them “designer” PJ’s (for as cheap as I can find them) with the character or “theme” they like. They get these on Christmas eve. I try to buy those multi sets that wal-mart and target have – the one’s that can be worn in the winter AND summer so they can get longer wear out of them! And one last “bad mom” tip LOL (shhh…my daughter isn’t that mad about it – she really doesn’t care). I often give her my son’s hand me downs. She doesn’t mind wearing dinosaurs and spiders to bed once in awhile. :) Saves money too!!

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