Creative Writing

Creative writing is defined as the process of creating imaginative fiction, drama, or poetry. It is also a course of study relating to teaching that process.

Creative writing, however, is broadly defined in the writing world. It includes more than just fiction, drama and poetry. It also includes stage drama, writing for movies (screenwriting), creative non-fiction, and autobiography types of writing – a self exploratory experience.

Regardless of the type of genre you are working on, or writing for – the importance of creative writing, is not hard to miss. It allows the writer, to explore areas that might otherwise be left untouched. It also allows the writer to get the creative ideas and thoughts down into the written word. Even if they don’t do anything with it right away.

The principal of creative writing, often can flow over into the daily free writing assignments that writer’s engage in. These assignments are always easier, when you allow creativity, imagination and perception, to flow through your fingers.

If you have never attended a Creative Writing course or attended a workshop, you should find one. Often, even the best writer, thinks they know what they need to do, but some little tidbit of wisdom will shine through each time, making them an even better writer.

And for the sake of mentioning it – just because you are a freelance writer, or perhaps a write magazine articles or non fiction books, a creative writing class can help free certain reservations and thoughts that might help impact your work in a positive way.

Don’t assume Creative Writing is only for those that create fiction.

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