Couponing at Dierbergs

Definitely not my favorite place to shop. As a whole, Dierbergs tends to have higher prices, I don’t feel as comfortable loitering around the store checking prices, and the stores are usually laid out so much different than many of the other stores I shop at. However, with that said, they also have a lot more products than the other stores in the area.

Sometimes I get a coupon for an item that I can’t find anywhere, but usually Dierbergs has it. I have no idea why, but it has been the case on several occasions. Even with my positive praise for the sheer # of items they tend to have, their couponing policy could sure use some tweaking and allowances.

Double Coupons

Limit 3 Identical Coupons and 15 Total Coupons

  • Offer restricted to 15 manufacturers’ coupons per family when coupon value is 40¢ or less.
  • Coupons over 40¢ in value or above the 15 coupon limit will be redeemed at face value.
    This offer does not apply to “free,” Dierbergs or Checkout coupons and excludes items prohibited by law.
  • Amount refunded cannot exceed the price of the item.
  • Only three identical coupons per day will be doubled.
  • Coupons marked “not to be doubled” will be accepted at face value.

Internet Coupons
Internet manufacturer coupons will be redeemed subject to the following restrictions:

  • We will only accept coupons for free items that have a purchase requirement exceeding the retail of the free item.
  • Internet manufacturer coupons exceeding $5.00 will not be accepted.
  • Internet manufacturer coupons that exceed 50% of the regular retail value of the item will not be accepted.
  • Internet manufacturer coupons that will not scan or appear to be photocopied will not be accepted.

Yeah, so not so great eh? Definitely a Schnucks girl – they don’t have the limit on  how many identical coupons. While I love that their coupon policy is storewide, it’s way too limiting. They only go up to $.40 doubling at all store – competitively they going with the limit 15 coupons thing (because other chains are doing it) and quite frankly, as I have said a number of times…. I really hate St. Louis for couponing. I need to move!

Where do you live? What do your stores look like?

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