Country Cooking

This will probably sound stupid to some, but why does it seems like cooking and country life go hand in hand? Perhaps I’m just over analyzing things, but it seems like many of the best home-cooked meals and family style meals come from amazing chefs living in the country. Sure, I like the others, but there is just something special about cooking and country life.

Why was I analyzing this? No clue, just thinking is all. But I’m wondering why that seems to be the case. Is it because living in the country you don’t have immediate access to the convenience of shopping 1/4 of a mile away, or that restaurants are in over abundance in the country? Maybe. But all I know, is that it seems when I visit someone in the country, the meal is always hearty, hot and full of flavor. Something that it seems we sometimes lack in suburbia. And I know we are trying.

We’re all over the whole moving thing, everything just takes time and I’ve been spending time trying to pack up stuff around the house that isn’t needed like knick-knacks, books, decorations and other just non-essential items. I still have to tackle that evil cave we call a basement, but I’m making progress. Why is it when you want something, it seem to take forever to get it?

In other news, our puppies are going home in just a little over a week and a half and I’m filled with a mixture of relief (they certainly are a handful), and a bit of sadness. The positive is, that so far the puppies that are spoken for, are going to people I care a lot about and trust profusely – I will get to watch them grow up, which was something I definitely wanted. So both boys are totally spoken for, and two of the girls, leaving us with two girls to find good homes for. Anyone want a Shih-tzu?

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