Cool Things Made Out of Chocolate

The sweet, decadent, silky and distinct flavor of chocolate – I find myself craving it regularly. How about you? I’m not overly picky about my chocolate, though I definitely tend to have a penchant for choosing more expensive chocolates. I’m not a big fan of white chocolate, though I do like it when it’s in a dessert with another flavor.

So every now and again I google weird search terms just to see what comes up. A couple of days ago I googled something for a chocolate cake I was going to make (was trying to find a specific type of chocolate) and of course as I’m known to do, one click on one site, takes me to another and eventually I’m in a whole different place then where I started. I found myself lost in a world of cool things made out of chocolate, which I thought was fun, since I also have a penchant for cool cakes too. So why not? Aren’t these awesome?










Honestly though, if anyone ever gave me anything like these, I definitely would NOT be able to eat them. Chocolate Art is really pretty cool – don’t you think?

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