Childhood Food Memories

Yes, it is that time again – time to answer a few questions. Friday seems to be my food meme day, and as a foodie – I actually enjoy doing them as well as reading others. So if you do decide to take part, leave me a comment directing me to your blog so I can check out your answers. And if you have already done it prior to now, find the link to the post and leave a comment so I can see what you said.

This meme asks Food Bloggers what 5 Favorite Childhood Food Memories they remember most. Here are mine. I’d love to see yours.

Rum Rolls

I’ve tried, and I will keep trying until my dying day to duplicate the amazing flavor of the Rum Rolls from my favorite bakery. They were a super special treat as a child only purchased on the rarest of occasions. Now I look forward to going to mom’s for Easter and Christmas where I can guarantee that these tasty treats will be prominently displayed (and quickly consumed by me!). I am now the proud holder of dozens of recipes for rum rolls, yet still to this day, none taste like the ones from the bakery, and I cannot figure out what they do differently. There is quite obviously a secret ingredient.

Rice and Chicken Casserole

My mother absolutely loved to cook and often impressed us with her ability to create the most gourmet of meals. This meal was NOT gourmet yet one that we ate frequently, was hearty and tasted great. It was a simple recipe that even now I see made for families. I actually think that it came from the back of can of soup or something, but oh my gosh how I loved the smell of this cooking in the oven, my mouth watering while I watched my mother cook the side dishes.

Texas Sheet Cake

Anyone who has read this blog with any regularity, knows how much I am fond of my mother’s Texas Sheet Cake. To this day, she cannot remember where she got the recipe, but she used to make it often when I was little. It was also what I requested every single year for my birthday (and still do). It is the one childhood home baked item I still make myself for my own family. Our recipe is different from many out there. I have yet to share it, though I do have a Texas Sheet cake that is darn close on here. You can find it under the recipe archives.

Alphabet Soup

Seems like such a strange thing to remember from childhood, but it wasn’t often that we partook in foods that were not gourmet. So when Alphabet soup made an appearance at lunch, usually paired with a grilled cheese sandwich, we were always happy campers. Nowadays, when I see alphabet soup, I don’t long for it as much, but boy do I still love the smell (of course it smells like vegetable soup anyway).

Chocolate Molasses Lollipops

Oh my gosh. When I was young, my mother used to frequent Plaza Frotenac in Town and Country, Missouri. She always stopped by Karl Bissinger’s Gourmet Chocolate Shop and purchased what was then known as a Chocolate Molasses Lollipop. Now they are called Chocolate Caramel Lollipops and are still available. They are made of Blackstrap molasses hand pressed and then dipped in rich chocolate. These are the only reason I ever agreed to go to a shopping mall with my mother. I never raised a fuss, because I knew that one of these delicacies was sure to come my way. Interestingly I have never purchased one for my own children – I am thinking its about time! (not to mention mom has a craving right now!)

So those are my childhood memories of food, and while I could have kept going, the food meme only said FIVE. I’d love to see yours.

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