Chicken & Avocado BLT Rice Bowl w/Pesto Ranch Dressing #ThenAndNow Farberware Cookware #giveaway

Chicken & Avocado BLT Rice Bowl with Pesto Ranch Dressing #ThenAndNow

Chicken & Avocado BLT Rice Bowl with Pesto Ranch Dressing

Seriously, it’s like a BLT in a bowl – this easy-to-make rice bowl is loaded with bacon, grilled chicken and avocado and tossed with a zesty pesto ranch dressing. It’s the perfect weeknight meal, because it’s fast and easy and is also fancy and amazing enough to serve at a party or event.

Before we get into this awesome rice bowl, I want to remind you about the Farberware cookware giveaway that I am hosting here on my blog. You can enter below and if you win, you can pick one of two sets of cookware. Go check it out now, enter if you haven’t already, check to see if you’ve done a daily entry and hopefully you will win! Good luck!


Of course you do, and these two sets that are up for grabs are perfect and contain everything you need for a well run kitchen! What’s super cool about this giveaway, is that you get to choose your set! The campaign is featuring Retro vs. Modern Recipes (#ThenandNow) and because of that, you will get to choose if you’d like the Farberware Classic Series 10-Piece Set OR if you’d like the more modern  Farberware High Performance Stainless Steel 12-Piece Set.  Enter to win at the bottom of the post with the Rafflecopter. Good luck, I hope you win!!

This fantastic giveaway is going on right now until August 3, 2014 at 11:59 EST.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now, back to the recipe!

You can grab the recipe I created right off the Farberware Cookware website: Chicken and Avocado BLT Rice Bowl with Pesto Ranch Dressing

It’s the perfect recipe for dinner tonight! 

Chicken & Avocado BLT Rice Bowl with Pesto Ranch Dressing #ThenAndNow

Chicken & Avocado BLT Rice Bowl with Pesto Ranch Dressing


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  1. says

    I’d probably make over classic chicken soup into something more exotic. I love it with hominy, lime and cilantro, topped with avocado. Your meal looks delicious!

    • says

      I know, we dumped all our favorites in this rice bowl and it was SO good! You are a woman after my own heart, love that you have the same favorites!
      Am I seeing you in a few weeks? I better be! Me & Brie (haha rhymes) are SUPER excited to meet YOU!

  2. jamiee says

    I love Mac & Cheese… that’s pretty retro right? haha I give it a twist by using healthier ingredients when possible, like quinoa pasta and laughing cow cheeses, and adding a ton of veggies to it! Mushrooms, peas, whatever I have and need to use up quickly!

  3. Natalie Vandenberghe says

    Probably my favorite retro recipe is one that calls for Jello. I’m not sure how I’d make it more modern, but I do know that I’d boil the water in my Farberware saucepan 😉

  4. anne hill says

    love spaghetti and meatballs but now i am veggie so i use spaghetti squash & mushrooms, eggplant

  5. says

    Literally, this is the best recipe I’ve seen all week. Totally making it this weekend. I have turned into an avocado freak! And who would have guessed up a blt for the bowl. love it! Now need to peak at your ague fresco recipe. In Mexico for the summer and these drinks are everywhere!

  6. Betsy Barnes says

    One of my favorite retro recipes is a pasta skillet meal with ground beef. A great way to make it modern would be to use ground turkey or chicken and fresh tomatoes. Also, a sauce with chopped veggies would make it healthy too :)

  7. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    My Favorite Recipe Is Mac & Cheese, I’d Give It A Twist My Adding Bacon And Jalapenos

  8. carol clark says

    old fashion mashed potatoes make with califlower and soup use some india herbs to see if i like it and the family will eat it


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