Boxes, Candles, and More!

Centerpiece ideas, and more.

The holidays don’t have to cost you a fortune for decorations, because often you can use what you already have. For instance –
if you have tons of votives in little glass jars, place a mirror or stainless steel silver platter in the center of your holiday table. Cluster about 5-6 candles on it. You can even decorate by adding pieces of greenery around the candles. Simple elegance.

An idea I did last year
I was having my family over and realized that I did not have a ton of “serving bowls” etc. I had read an article on frugality that suggested baskets. Well, all my baskets were being used and quite frankly I didn’t want to take everything apart. So I came up with a clever idea. I took shoe boxes and other various sized boxes – painted them gold and silver and wrapped bows around the outside (kind of like a present). I then placed tissue paper inside the box to “line it” and I wound up serving rolls, nuts and snack mix in the boxes. I used various sizes and it actually added a festive touch to my table. If I can find photos, I will post them!

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