An Adoptee – Seuss Style

“An Adoptee” (Seuss Style)

I’m not like him,
I’m not like her.
Where I’m from, I’m just not sure.

My eyes are blue and
theirs are brown,
What makes me smile, makes them frown.

My hair is blonde,
and theirs is not,
Their hair is thin, and I have a lot.

I like the dirt,
and they just don’t.
I like to play and they just won’t.

I’m not like dad,
I’m not like mom,
I just don’t see where I came from.

I like to paint,
and they like sports.
They like dresses,
but I like shorts.

I like outdoors,
They likes inside,
I like people,
They like to hide.

I like to go out,
and they like to stay in.
I can see clear, that we aren’t kin.

I am different,
I can see.
I am special, I am an adoptee.

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