After the Rainbow

“After the Rainbow”
after the first contact when the “search” is over

Time goes by,
but nothing changes.
Love is present…
yet caution is always instilled.

Feelings get stronger,
our lives get closer.
Still unanswered questions remain
hidden in the depths of my heart.

And those answers
are behind closed doors.
Locked …
tightly without a key.

I spend my times now,
searching still….
For that key to unlock,
the secrets in your heart.

You are a dream come true,
The bond we share is unconditional.
Yet, still a wall remains,
Slowly crumbling, but not yet fast enough.

Life holds pieces to put in the final puzzle,
but still there are the missing ones.
Lost for so long and yet still,
we hope to unravel the secrets
Until we have the completed puzzle.

Copyright © 1994 Imagination Station
Copyright © 2000 Scribbles ‘N Scraps

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