After the Garage Sale

Yard-Sale3-fbOur garage sale is over, I’m exhausted and we made some cash and got rid of some things. Problem is, we still have so much that we have planned to have the sale again next weekend on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We discovered that the Friday night pre-sale only works if you are having a neighborhood garage sale, or if it is really popular in your area. Our area didn’t quite know what to make of us sitting outside on a Friday night. Amusing and frustrating all at the same time.  I am however, really glad we are not having it this morning too.

We did sell quite a bit on Saturday and all together we made quite a bit of money, but we still have way too much stuff, and we are going to give it one more go. After that, we’ll be listing the rest on Freecycle, just to clear it out.

Have you ever listed your garage sale on Craigslist before?

I haven’t, but my friend suggested it as an additional advertising tool, and I’m game. If you have, did it help bring more people in? What are your favorite ways to advertise? I have seriously exhausted all of my ways to advertise, so I will be posting those in tomorrow’s post. I’m eager to hear what inexpensive and free ways all of you advertise your garage sales. I’m also curious what works in your area, as we are figuring out many techniques work differently, depending on your state, city, or area.

At least I have another week to find more stuff!

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