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Crazed Mom of 5 teens {+ a few more}

Definition: craze  (kramacrz)
v. crazedcraz·ingcraz·es
1. To cause to become mentally deranged or obsessed; make insane.
2. To produce a network of fine cracks in the surface or glaze of.

1. To become mentally deranged or obsessed; go insane.
2. To become covered with fine cracks.

Welcome to my wonderful, blessed, amazing and always crazed life.

I’m Nicole, and I am a fourty-something mother of five teens and pseudo mom to a toddler, and three more teenagers. We live in the St. Charles area which is relatively next door to St. Louis. No really. There’s just a bridge. I am a southern girl, trapped in the midwest and wishing for the country life. No more suburbia. Will that ever happen? Probably not, but a girl can dream.

Some quick links about me:

I’m glad you stopped by and I really hope you have fun visiting my blog. It’s where I write about my life and where I chronicle stories and mishaps from my teenagers. It’s where I write about anything that pops into my head from Social Media and Blogging to Politics and Religion. Okay so you don’t have to worry. There won’t be much of the latter two here.

Let me introduce you to my kids.

This great quint pack, also known as our herd, are the five darlings I claim to mother.

(this picture is old… like 4 years old)


I love them, really I do. But sometimes I need to embarrass them a little. It builds character.


They’re all good kids.


More recent picture:

The Cook Crew – May 8, 2012

In my spare time (as if I have much), I am an author. I write all the time, and hopefully soon, you will be able to see what I have been working on. I am also sometimes a scrapbooker and if I’m not out spending time with the family, or not in the kitchen cooking or not on my laptop writing, I’m probably scrapbooking or taking photos to scrapbook. It is probably what takes up most of my spare time (what’s that?). I take tons and tons of photographs in which I then need to create elaborate scrapbook pages chronicling every detail of my kids’ lives (slight exaggeration). I’m so glad you are sneaking a peeka glimpse, a rough and raw look into our lives. Thank you for visiting!


P.S. I am not only the mom of five human kids, but we have several furbabies as well. We have 4 Shih-tzu’s – Maggie who’s almost 4 1/2, Lily & Bella who are 3 1/2 and Lulu is 1 1/2.

Then we have our cat, Maple, oldest pet in our home – she’s 7. As if she didn’t already think she was surrounded by chaos, back in June 2011 we added another cat to our repertoire of animals, her name is Deenie. We have recently (August 2012) acquired a Hedgehog. Yes, a hedgehog. We love him. His name is Pico (Pee-Co), which is short for Picoter. Picoter means Prickle in French. Seems appropriate don’t you think? I’m pretty positive that there will be posts about Pico in the near future.

I think I live in a zoo.

Besides cooking, writing, blogging, photography and scrapbooking, I also enjoy reading, music, crafting, movies, and DIY and home improvement projects. Yes, I’m WAY too busy.

Photos of furbabies (in various stages of grooming and hair trimming – don’t judge!) below:

The Dogs:

Maggie | White Shih TzuLily | Shih Tzu

Bella | Shih Tzu Lulu | Shih Tzu

The Cats:

Maple the Cat

deenie kitty


The Hedgehog: {yes, we have one}

Pico the Hedgehog

 Thanks for checking us out.

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