A Happy Ending

A Happy Ending at the Daily Dish RecipesI figured with Adgitize I finally found the silver lining. If you read the previous post, about how I won the grand prize for this blog back in September ’09 and I just discovered it yesterday, then you realized I didn’t have high hopes for Adgitize to still award me the prize money. Honestly, it is their right, since I took nearly five months to contact them. I waited on baited breath for a positive outcome, but would never have blamed them, as it was my fault. I used an email address that I quit using shortly thereafter because of spam, and my hosting/blog wasn’t working the way it should and letting me know of pingback and trackbacks. Honestly, if I hadn’t been having trouble with my blogs, I might never have figured it out when I went to combine the hosting.

So, are you waiting for an update? Are you wondering if Ken Brown is everything that everyone claims he is? I can assure you that he is and more. This is the email I received.

HI Nicole,

We will be more than happy to pay out the $75 to you. You won it fair and square. Once I hear back from you that this is a good email address then you will be able to login to Adgitize. Update your PayPal Address in the Profile section and send me an email that it has been updated then we will send you the $75.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Ken Brown

You do realize they so did not have to honor this after all this time. That company has the type of business ethics that every company should strive for. I am so proud to be a member, and am so pleased with their decision to honor it anyway.

So tonight I should have the money paypal’d (I think I just made a new word LOL) to my account, and I am so excited.

Thank you Adgitize for the honor of the grand prize back in September. Thank you Ken Brown, for not only honoring the prize after all this time, but for being patient with me in the past 24 hours as we sorted it all out.

If you haven’t checked out Adgitize, I strongly suggest you do. I will be posting information on all my blogs about my experience with Adgitize to help spread the word and get others involved.

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