A Bundle of Joy


Wow, we are going to be parents.
Scary yet exciting. Happy yet terrified.
Will I be a good mother, will he be a good father?
Will we provide for him the way that he needs?
I guess we don’t know those answers, and we must learn,
to not dwell on those thoughts and feelings, we must be proud.
We are expecting, life’s greatest joy,
A miracle, a bundle from Heaven, our baby boy.
With a mommy and a daddy who love him this much,
He will never starve for affection, he will never be alone.
He will be our pride and joy, and make our love grow stronger,
And keep us together, and make us realize,
we will love each other longer.
So, when this little bundle is born,
we have to close our eyes and pray,
And thank Heaven above for such a special gift,
Our new baby boy will be born today.

Copyright © 1994 Imagination Station
Copyright © 2000 Scribbles ‘N Scraps

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