5 Obscure Grocery Shopping Tips to Save Money

Sometimes I am surprised at how many people shop the way they do. There are so many quick and easy ways to save money at the grocery store. I’m happy to tell you some of the easiest ways, or the most well-known ways, and I will … eventually. For now, I thought it might be important to help you save money in ways you might not know yet.

1. Always watch the cashier. Watch as items scan. If you do decide to use self-checkout at a grocery store, watch your purchases carefully. Be sure you are correctly entering in quantities, fruit or vegetable items, etc. When watching the cashier, watch for double charging, price differences and make sure that anything that was on sale was rung up correctly.

2. Check your receipt on the way out the door. Actually if you are following #1 you might not need to, but just to be sure, check it out.

3. When planning out your meals for the week, utitlize sales at the grocery store to create meals. For instance, if ground beef is on sale for .99/lb, it should be easy to realize that now would be a good time to make meals that needed it. Watch in store sales, flyers, and other methods.

4. If you do find a good deal on something, stock up. Purchase a separate freezer to freeze anything or make room in a special area to store non perishable stock. We once found a deal on .79/lb ground turkey. We bought probably $40.00 worth because we substitute ground turkey for ground beef most of the time. We used it all, and another sale (not as good) came not too long after we ran out.

5. Avoid end displays or end caps on an aisle. Most people think that is where the sales are. Not always. In fact, often you could get a better deal at a different time, or you could go purchase a different size and get a better deal. End displays lure people into spending more because they think they need it.

I will have more tips coming really soon.

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