26 Fabulous Recipes: Blogging from A-Z #atozchallenge

Happy Easter my friends!


In my former life I was a writer. (Who am I kidding, I still am, just not as often.) At any rate, being a writer and part of the writing community of bloggers seems to help me discover amazing things. Some of these things I support from afar and some I jump feet first into and don’t look back.

Two years ago I discovered this awesome blogging challenge called the Blogging from A-Z Challenge. It was a few days before it was scheduled to start and I couldn’t jump in because it was just too late. Last year I did indeed jump in and it was a whirlwind of craziness all month. It was SO much fun. I only missed two letters –  and then I kinda cheated on one by claiming an award I titled “Yesterday I won an award.” haha I used that for Y. But other than that, I did it and had a blast. I found loads of new blogs, got many of my friends to participate and by the end, knew I’d do it again.

And that’s where I am now. Tomorrow begins the madness of the challenge, which means a recipe every single day throughout April. We take Sunday’s off, but Sunday is #SundaySupper and I’m not missing out on the friendship and amazingness that comes from my #SS group. So yep – 30 recipes. And I even have the first week of May scheduled out in case I experienced some burn out. Can’t get better than that, and no guest posts at all. All mine. Yay!

This year there are 1600+ blogs participating in every genre and niche. I cannot wait to see what everyone is doing. And you know, as if 30 recipes wasn’t enough, I am also participating over on Crazed Mom – the theme over there is very general and is totally “family/mom” oriented. Hope you’ll follow along there too. Who knows, you might get to know me better. ha!

Are you participating in the Blogging from A-Z Challenge? If you are, let me know by leaving me a link to your blog in my comments area below so I can follow along and see what you did that day.

Get ready, it’s going to get crazy in here!

And for fun, here are my posts from last year:

Previous A-Z Entries:


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  1. Andy N Robinson says

    As a big traveller and food lover, I can’t wait to see what you are going to serve up each day – yum! :)

  2. says

    What a great concept, ‘Dish’…love it! And how nice to see last year’s indexed recipes to tease myself with. I’ll look forward to your frenzied attempts at alphabetising the food world, gleefully!

    I assume there’ll be a Quesadilla recipe, or something with Quark, or a Quincely offering for 2013. I can hardly wait to read (and cook). Thanks and good luck! /cynthia

  3. karen says

    OMG! That’s a lot of thinking and cooking. Good Luck. Are there prizes or awards or do you just do it for the challenge?

    • says

      Hi Karen, it is definitely a lot of thinking and cooking. haha No prizes or awards, it’s more just to see if you can honestly blog everyday for a month. Definitely a challenge. But it’s fun.

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