First Aid Kit For Writers

One of the things I think every good writer (or at least all those that enjoy writing on a regular basis) needs, is a first aid kit.

I know what you’re thinking – are you really going to need burn cream for that hot coffee that just splashed out of your mug, or are you going to really need a bandaid for your fingertips from all that typing? No, not that kind of first aid kit.

Writer’s need a first aid kit handy to make life just a bit more bearable during those long writing sessions and to help when you need it.

What do you need?

Chocolate or Candy or Gum – Whatever your pleasure, gather up some of these and you’ll be set for awhile.

Magic 8-Ball – Try asking it a question when you’re stuck on something. Use the answer to go ahead with a plot idea or nix it.

Stress Ball – So you can get those frustrations out or at least be doing something with your hands while you are thinking.

Dice – You need a 12 sided dice, a 30 sided dice (these will help you choose dates) and if you go with a 100 sided dice you could potentially pick out ages using that.

Phone book – Great for picking out names.

Dictionary – You’ll always know how to spell something and you can get exact definitions.

Thesaurus – My favorite tool, and quite  helpful when you want to expand your word usage.

Sharpened Pencils, Notepads, Sticky Notes – Great for jotting notes, ideas or whatever when you are writing. Also great to make To Do Lists for later when you have finished a writing session.

A Sweater – In case you get cold and you don’t want to interrupt your train of thought or writing streak by getting up.

Water Bottle or Large Container or Thermos – Great for holding a long term beverage to keep it hot or cold and more of it.

Writing Books – If you are one of the writers who need to be able to look up information at a moments notice, you might wish to keep your favorite writing books nearby.

So what would you add?

No Pain, No Gain

Yeah, so I thought I was going to be in massive pain again tonight, after riding again today. But so far, not so bad. We’ll see about tomorrow. I am not sure what to expect. I worked NEW muscles today, so I am sure there is something coming.

Today’s ride was a bit better, but I have to share this hilarious “disaster” story that happened to me today.

Ok, so Gyllian (the horse I ride) was apparently a famous championship horse awhile back, and when he retired his owner decided to buy him a donkey. Yes, you read that correctly. A donkey.

Well, so Timmy (the donkey) lives in Gyllian’s stall. Cute isn’t it?

They are very close and really do not like to be apart. Gyllian is protective of Timmy and Timmy doesn’t like it when Gyllian leaves him for any reason. In fact, last week when I rode Gyllian, we could hear Timmy and his noises from clear across the stable and outside. Crazy. Can we say Separation Anxiety?

So today I go to get Gyllian out of his stall and I manage to get the halter on without any biting or nipping. That’s a miracle on its own right.

I pull the G-man out of his stall and ask my daughter to quickly shut the stall door as soon as G comes out. She can’t get it closed fast enough and here comes Timmy. Yup. So here I am holding the lead rope of this enormous temperamental horse, and there is now a loose donkey. I’m thinking today’s lesson’s going to go great, right?

So I spend 5 panicked minutes trying to push, shove and generally plead and beg this donkey back into his stall to no avail. I am literally starting to really get upset. One of the workers happens by at the end of the barn and he’s pushing the wheelbarrow and while he continues walking, there was a noticeable slow down in his step as he realized that some mad frantic woman is basically hugging a donkey at the other end. I immediately beg him to come here.

When he walks up behind Timmy (laughing I might add) it scares T enough to get him to move forward toward the stall and I was able to kind of steer, push, guide, block his path to ensure he entered the stall. Yay. Timmy was back in and my dignity was saved, of course at the expense of my sanity. LOL

To make matters work, I tell my trainer, J afterwards that it happened.

“Oh, that happens all the time.”

WHAT?!?!?! Why did someone not tell me this? LOL

“Wanna know how to get Timmy to go back into his stall the easy way?” (never mind that she did NOT know that we had basically pushed, shoved, pulled, etc. the damn donkey for five freakin’ minutes)


“Put Gyllian back in.”