19th Century Food and Me!

My kids are in a Fife & Drum Corps. and we participate in re-enactments several times a year. It’s one of our favorite things to do as a family. The atmosphere is happy and calm, the weather is usually wonderful and the food, the food is amazing. This weekend is one of our big re-enactment weekends. This happens to be my favorite event that we do each year.

As usual I am most looking forward to the amazing food that is available all weekend.

18th and 19th century food is delicious, and the vendor’s at these events are skilled at what they serve. They are the epitome of down home cooking and living off the land. I love it. The photos below are the photos I took last year of all the different food booths we had to choose from. Now can you see why I love it so much? AND I missed a bunch of booths last year when I took photos – I  missed the Chicken & Dumplings booth, the homemade ice cream, the Apple Crisp and another caramel corn booth, and a all baked goods booth (banana bread, lemon poppy seed bread, cake rolls and more) and a pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread booth, and I am quite certain, several others. I will try and do better this year and get closer up and get more actual food shots. I love the last shot on this page. That soup actually makes my mouth water and my tummy start growling it was that good.



These cookies were as big as your head! So yum!


Lots of Elk & Buffalo served at our events.


Mmm…. Fry bread!


Home grown spices, seasonings and honey. Including the famous honey sticks kids love! Look at all those flavors and then the herbs and spices. Amazing.


Rock candy – always a big hit at these events


Candy Sticks- 20 different flavors!! Behind that is handmade licorice in a rather large variety of flavors. It was so good!! I can hardly wait for this year.


This was Ryan’s lunch one day last year – the Wild Rice Soup… does that not look AMAZING? It was so good! And the bread bowl was homemade so it was fresh and soft and so good. My goodness I am getting excited.


We leave this evening and tomorrow is the opening. Don’t worry, I always take photos and post pictures. I try to keep it food related but if I don’t, sorry about that. Can’t help it. I get excited and it’s fun to share – most people don’t see it from the same view point we do.

I even have a recipe or two to share.

Oh and for Isabel, who doesn’t remember ever seeing this picture…

No, I don’t dress like this everyday. Just for the events. haha


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