100 Things About Me + 1

This girl is jumping on the 100’s list!

Apparently there is a time-honored tradition among bloggers of creating a “100 Things About Me” list. When I first saw it, I thought what the heck? A little egocentric if I must say.

However, the more I blogged and viewed other’s blogs the more I noticed the trend, and thought, hmmm… I could do one of those, plus they are very entertaining to read. So as my second post on this blog, I’ve taken the plunge.

Side Note: I have to add – I thought this excercise would be easy, ha! After quickly getting about 50 things on my list, the serious soul searching began. Woo – talk about some serious brain excercise.

These are not in any particular order however I have rearranged a bunch of stuff. Here is my list of 100 things about me.

100 Things About Nicole + 1

  1. I’m a 32 year old single mother.

  2. I have two children, a girl (7) and boy (11)

  3. I live in O’Fallon, Missouri which is a suburban area inside St.Charles, which is the second largest city in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

  4. Although born in Houston, Texas I am a Missouri Native (because of adoption)

  5. I am an August baby, making me a Virgo. Not just that, but my mother has told me that I act like a Virgo. What does that mean? Primary Characteristics: Creative, Helpful, Loyal Positive Personality Traits: Intelligent and analytical, Meticulous and reliable, Modest and shy, Practical and diligent Dangers: Can be fussy and a worrier, Can be a perfectionist and conservative, Sometimes overcritical and harsh. Yeppers that’s me! LOL

  6. I have four blogs – one on writing, one on business, one on scrapbooking, and one on being frugal! I’m also paid by someone to do their blog :)

  7. I’ll do most anything on a dare! (or anything once – within reason here people)

  8. I love to use exclamation marks!!!!

  9. I also love to use caps and “” and () to capture points and occasionally I have to go back and edit because it’s so much LOL

  10. I’m an adult living with ADHD and it’s noticeable most of the time.

  11. I am also both bi-polar and manic depressive, but most people do not know this about me and it isn’t much of a problem.

  12. I play the piano fairly well.

  13. I am a freelance writer, and am just finally starting to really see my stuff in print!

  14. My favorite place in my house is the kitchen because it’s where my computer sits, on the built in desk and I eat in here!

  15. I absolutely LOVE to cook, and many of my closest friends and family members do not know this.

  16. I have been divorced for 5 1/2 years and still consider it the best decision I ever made. He’s happier and so am I!
  17. I am currently dating a police officer, paramedic and firefighter. They are all one person. 😉 My own personal hero! Love you <3!

  18. MY other two “babies” are my Border Collie Mix (Bandit) and my ferret (Mocha)
  19. People seem to love to give me plants as gifts, and without fail I nearly kill them all (I do have an aloe plant and another green thing I love that I’ve managed to keep alive) Let’s not talk about the CACTUS I managed to kill. A Cactus? Who kills a cactus?

  20. My hometown is St. Louis, Missouri, although I was born in Houston, Texas

  21. I am adopted, that’s why I was born in Houston but called Missouri home.

  22. Because I was adopted, I am lucky enough to have great relationships with both mother’s!

  23. I grew up with only 1 sibling (a brother), but in the past 9 years now have 8 (5 sisters – 3 brothers) YIKES!!

  24. As of this year, 2005, I have lived in 6 states, 14 Cities or Towns, and moved 18 times since I was 18 years old and we are not a military family!)

  25. I love to scrapbook

  26. I’ve been scrapbooking for over 16 years!

  27. When I was growing up, a family vacation consisted of getting in the car and driving to a dog show.

  28. We used to have 5 Newfoundlands (huge black adorable dogs) at one time, and 3 were shown regularly at dog shows, which is why we always went to them.

  29. I’ve been to Egypt. Spent three weeks there and would love the opportunity to go back.

  30. I like to eat dinner at 5pm on the nose. (I could probably even eat at 4:30!)

  31. I’ve had breakfast in paris. (albeit it was in a very “orange” airport on a 3 hour layover. But hey it was a coffee and croissant!

  32. I am an Arctophile also known as an arctophilist and have what is known as arctophilia all over my house.

  33. I’ve been in love so much it hurts.

  34. I know several famous people – Kevin Kline, Scott Foley (Felicity & Scrubs), Scott Adderton (lesser known director), Michael Renna (who played a “Cadet” in Child’s Play 3 however he actually went to Kemper Military School where that film was taped. Kemper closed it’s doors in 2002.

  35. I’ma gadget geek.

  36. My favorite possession is probably my computer.

  37. If children WERE possessions they would be my favorites instead.

  38. I secretly really want an Ipod and nobody around me knows it.

  39. I absolutely love to read and I stay up most nights reading novels, or writing my own.

  40. I still get carded to buy alcohol or cigarettes (I guess that’s a compliment but it’s annoying)

  41. I don’t drink but once a year.

  42. I sucked my thumb until I was 12.

  43. I adore Country Music

  44. I’d love to sing a country song on stage one day.

  45. I also love Christian Contemporary Music.

  46. Michael W. Smith has been my favorite singer since I was 10.

  47. My favorite author’s have styles that aren’t very similar to my own.

  48. They are Sue Grafton, the now deceased VC Andrews (not the ghost writer), Torey Hayden, Nicholas Sparks & LaVyrle Spencer.

  49. My favorite books have no plot at all. That’s because I really like “How To” Books and Education.

  50. I will be a student for life, I love to learn.

  51. My first computer had a tape deck for cartridges. It was a Radio Shack TRS-80.

  52. My second computer was an Apple2E Computer. It had REAL floppy disks.

  53. I actually loved playing games on that TRS-80

  54. I’ve been on the Internet since 1993!

  55. I was the owner of one of the first FOUR mailing list groups ever. Long before they were “popular”.

  56. I wear contacts.

  57. I used to wear glasses.

  58. If I didn’t wear anything, I’d be too blind to drive my car.

  59. If there was anyone I’ve ever known that I could have lunch with right now, it would be my grandma.

  60. I can’t because she died several years ago. I miss her a lot!

  61. Until I was about 12 I dressed my cat up in doll clothes.

  62. My cat didn’t like me too much.

  63. I collect all kinds of stuff. See #36

  64. I love to organize, but few know this and I’d like to keep it that way. I might also be slightly OCD.

  65. My boyfriend is ridiculously OCD and I don’t want him to know that I am. Don’t ask why, I can’t explain that. (no he does not read my blog)

  66. I am the most creative person I know.

  67. I have about 45 notebooks on a shelf that are filled with lists, story ideas, poems, quotes, greeting card prose, and just ramblings.

  68. When I was 16 I wrote my own quote, and then had it copyrighted.

  69. I have a HUGE ugly brownish binder filled with probably 500+poems on everything from paper scraps to fully typed pages.

  70. I hate to talk on the phone. Very few people are able to keep me on the phone for long.

  71. I have a love/hate relationship with caller id (on one hand it’s great ’cause it tells me who’s calling, but it usually tells me that I don’t want to talk to whoever is calling)

  72. I love to get mail, but hate to get email.

  73. I absolutely despise the creator of the “Forward” button on email services.

  74. Yet, sometimes I use it.

  75. I’m a huge Law and Order SVU fan

  76. I have the biggest crush in the world on Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni)

  77. All through high-school I was heavy into drama.

  78. The kind that’s in the theater department!

  79. When I get mad, sad, scared, fall in love, fall out of love, happy, or just about any other emotion, I hit the CDs. Music gets me through ANYTHING!

  80. I am a huge music fan – love all types – country, christian, soft rock, jazz, classical.

  81. I cry when I’m sad, scared, confused, tired and angry.

  82. In high school we took a personality test and I was diagnsed “ultra-sensitive” and “highly empathetic”.

  83. I rarely wear make up.

  84. I love being outside. Even in the winter. (there’s just not much to do)

  85. My favorite season is fall.

  86. I’m addicted to diet coke, usually diet coke with lemon.

  87. I’m a McDonalds addict, but I also love subs.

  88. I type between 75-85 wpm depending on the keyboard in use.

  89. The best job I’ve ever had in my life was being a mother.

  90. I own over 300 DVDs and 200 CDs and have about 1000 songs on my computer.

  91. I’m fundamentally rather frugal. 

  92. I love being that way.

  93. I want to write a book someday. I have about 8 books started. I would love to write fiction for ages 15-18 range.

  94. I’m a huge CLOSET Harry Potter fan.

  95. I “work” from home. I use the term “work” very loosely.

  96. I have a fear of heights.

  97. I drive a Ford Explorer and aside from it not being “big enough” I absolutely love it!

  98. I believe that when Jesus said, “Judge not lest ye be judged,” he meant it.

  99. This has to be the hardest thing I’ve ever written.

  100. I’m blessed to have the people in my life that I have. You all know who you are.

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